A Window Repair Expert should be certified to perform repairs in your home

Certifications and credibility are important when selecting a company to fix your windows

Fact: The home improvement industry is one of the only industries where you do not need a college degree to stamp yourself as an “expert”. Just because someone says they’re an expert at repairing windows, usually isn’t the case. So, how do you protect one of your biggest investments without being taken for a ride? I hope some of this information helps when considering hiring a Window Repair Expert to work in your home.

Is the company Lead Safe Certified?Rite Window EPA/RRP Certification

On April 22, 2008 the Government passed a law stating that any contractor working on any home in the U.S. which was built 1978 and prior must be Lead Safe Certified and perform the proper techniques for Lead Safe Renovations. This goes for any contractor working on any part of your home, including window repairs. I know you’re thinking if you can show that you don’t have lead in your home then you can save on the expense of having a Lead Safe Renovation performed. To date, there are no reliable do-it-yourself test kits which can definitively state whether or not you have lead based paint in your home. Only a certified lead abatement specialist can tell you if you have lead in your home. A word of caution: if you decide to have a lead abatement specialist visit and they determine you have lead in your home; no work can be done by anyone without the proper Lead Safe Certification documentation (otherwise any fines incurred are the responsibility of the homeowner).

Industry CertificationAWDI Certified Window Repair Expert

AWDI stands for the American Window and Door Institute. The AWDI program is not just a “test it and forget it” certification. In order to be certified you need to adhere to the 5 major components of the program:

  1. Regulated training and/or demonstrable field experience
  2. Required on-going skill improvement
  3. Industry consensus accepted installation guidelines
  4. Field testing/observance of individual installer’s skills
  5. Standardized manufacturer’s installation instructions

All of our Window Repair Experts are AWDI certified to perform window repair or replacements for homeowners throughout greater Boston.

Worker’s Compensation & Insurance

Be sure to ask for an insurance certificate. Most reputable contractors will have a Worker’s Compensation policy as part of their company’s insurance plans. If you’re hiring a Window Repair Expert, ask to be named on the certificate. The insurance company will send you a certificate with your name on it. This will protect you from any damage that the contractor might do to your home during the job. The truth of the matter is many small contractors HAVE NO INSURANCE. They either can’t afford it, or they can’t get it. True, your homeowner’s policy will protect you to a degree, but even if it covers a claim, your carrier will recover the loss amount with higher premiums for you, and could even cancel your policy. Some serious Worker’s Compensation claims can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, often exceeding the limits on your policy, leaving you holding the difference.

Credibility through referencesGuild Quality Referrals

When you ask a company for some references you may get a nice printed list of people’s names with a blurb about their experience. How do you know those are actual testimonials from customers? Wouldn’t you like to see a reference about company that is controlled by the homeowner through a third party source who double-checks the accuracy of the claims? Angie’s List is a good reference tool where you can find local references about companies. This is a site where all testimonials are given by homeowners who’ve had work done on their homes. The reference can only be given by the actual homeowner because not only does Angie’s List employees check these references for their validity, homeowners pay to have access to the Angie’s List website so they can see ratings given to Window Repair Experts and other companies performing home improvements. When you sign up and pay to have access to their site, you agree to Angie’s List terms. These terms are strict, but helps enforce giving a “true” referral.

The golden standard of the Better Business BureauBetter Business Bureau Accredited Business

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is the traditional standard for checking a company’s credibility. It still holds true today. However, be aware that each BBB is independently owned and a company may have their BBB ratings held in the original state from where the company was born.

Window Repair Expert is a division of Rite Window of Boston. Throughout the years of replacing windows, we’ve heard there is a need for a reputable company to handle small window repair jobs. We are one of the only full-service window repair companies in the greater Boston area to handle everything from minor window adjustments, screen repairs to full home window repairs and replacements.

Here’s how to get started:

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  2. Include a brief description of your window or patio door problems.
  3. We’ll have a Window Repair Expert return your message within 24-48 business hours.

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