Fix Drafty Windows in Your Home

Fixing drafty windows can be complicated or simple depending on the extent of the window repair needed. If you live in an older home, you may be aware of obvious air and/or moisture seeping into your home due to the windows breaking down over time. However, some newer homes have what we call “Builder-Grade” windows and are susceptible to the same problems as older homes because the lower quality windows can’t hold up over time. In either situation, there are solutions to fixing drafty windows.

When fixing drafty windows on a budget, you will want to become your own little “Sherlock Holmes” and look at the entire problem before you take any action. How many windows are in need of repairs? Are you having problems on one side of the house due to prevailing winds? Would repairing the windows in the bedrooms make more sense versus repairing all the windows at once? By reviewing the entire problem first, you will be able to make smart decisions on either repairing or replacing your windows.

Weather-stripping in Window Sashes

Quick Tips

Weather-stripping can be purchased from your local hardware store to quickly fix drafty windows. However, it may be difficult to remove and re-apply the weather-stripping if you don’t know where the leaks are entering the home. I don’t recommend the plastic film kits for a many reasons. Wrapping your windows in plastic may look unsightly and deter from your view; you may have a bigger problem if you need to wrap all of your windows in plastic; you could have problems removing the plastic kit once it is applied and stuck to the surface for months on end (especially during the long New England winter months). While removing the plastic window kit you may take off some paint or even pieces of wood trim around the window due to the plastic adhesion taking hold for a long period of time.

If you find that you have bigger window problems besides some minor drafty windows, you might have to resort to permanent measures. Contacting a Window Repair Expert can help you diagnose the problem and, in most instances, fix your drafty windows right there on the spot.

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