Repairing Windows With Seal Failure

Let’s discuss how to detect window seal failure, the difference between seal failure and condensation and possible prevention of costly window repairs

Seal FailureRepairing Windows with seal failure is most commonly known as Foggy Window Syndrome (Well, I’m coining that phrase). Windows don’t last forever and eventually need repairs. Roofing and siding materials have some of the longest-lasting warranties as far as home improvement materials go. They are assured to last for decades. Some roofing materials are warranted for 50 years (and of course if you’re talking about Rite Window warranties, they also have windows warranted for 50 years).
Windows are subjected to the same elements, yet they are more delicately manufactured than other weather-proof home improvement materials. After all, we’re dealing with multiple window parts and pieces. These items can break down rather frequently and window repairs are a must.

It’s not uncommon for a house to have at least one window with a failed seal. Here’s an easy way to know if you have a seal failure or condensation build up. First, try to clean the inside and outside glass of your window or patio door.Seal failure in window and patio doors If you wipe an excessive amount of moisture off the inside of your glass this may not be a problem with your window. Rather excessive moisture on the inside of the window glass can be the cause of high humidity levels inside your home. Humidity is caused by a number of factors within your home. Every activity that uses water contributes to adding moisture to the air (gas furnaces, humidifiers, showers, ovens, dishwashers and washing machines.) If you have higher than normal humidity levels inside your home, you’ll want to look for suggestions on correcting this issue as other silent but major potential problems are lurking rather than just repairing your windows.

If you clean the windows and the fog persists, then the moisture has found its way in between the panes of glass due to a seal failure. Your window repairs can be accomplished by having a proper replacement of the glass pack. Glass packs come in different energy efficient levels. Window glass packages can have Low-E, or low-emissivity, coatings which is applied to the glass and help reflect heat. The most common gas injected in between the panes of glass is argon gas to further increase the energy efficiency of the window. A seal failure, though, will “oxidize” the low-E coating and argon gas, making the glass appear foggy. It is an involved process to replace the low-E coating and argon gas. This should be done at the manufacturing plant. Knowing the proper window parts to change the window glass pack for a perfect window repair job can be tricky and you may want to consult a Window Repair Expert for their service.

Understanding Window Seal Failure

Home window repairs and window seal failureTypically, older wooden double-pane windows consist of two panes of glass held together with just caulking. Because of the glass expanding and contracting due to the weather, the seal would often fail and create moisture build-up in the windows.

High-quality replacement windows now typically use a glazing bead with some sort of spacer that helps hold the glass in place. These components help the window parts moves with the glass and possibly eliminate seal failure and your need to repair the window.

If the window is not equipped with a glazing bead, it’s likely the sash was constructed or assembled around the glass. If this is the case, it can be very difficult or altogether impossible to replace the glass by yourself. Hiring a Window Repair Expert in Boston can help fix this problem at a relative economical cost.

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